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 Ad Manager/Exchange
Ad Exchange We can define ad exchange as an network where participating sites display advertisements in exchange for credits which are converted (using a predetermined exchange rate) into ads to be displayed on other sites. The simplified concept behind an ad exchange is "I will show your ads on my site in exchange for getting to show my ads on your site." Ad exchange networks differ from simple link swaps in terms of potential visitors reached. Members of large ad exchanges have the potential for their ads to be shown on thousands of other sites. Also, unlike simple link swaps, which are often hard-coded directly to a page, ad exchange networks allow rotation of ads among many different sites, sometimes with the benefit of sophisticated targeting. Credits allow you to display your ads on other sites in the network. Ad exchange types include, but are not limited to banner exchanges, text ad exchanges, adwords type ad exchanges, all-in-one admanager exchanges and so on.

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