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 Web Traffic
Web Traffic There are many different types of web traffic management and generation scripts. Lets take a look at expired traffic management: Each day 20,000 plus domain names expire and become available for anyone to register - many of these domains already have incoming traffic. This is valuable if you are seeking a domain to help you boost your web site traffic, or are looking to resell this traffic (or the names) for a profit. Expiring domain names have been owned by at least one person in the past. This owner may have built a website, advertised, submitted to the search engines, or traded links with another website owner. Further on, that domain is now available for the taking; and you can take advantage of it. You could point it at your existing domain or build a new site. All this domains can be used to get free expired traffic to your domain! This traffic can easily be redirected to any domain you want with our expired traffic redirector script.

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