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 Terms Of Use

PHP scripts Please read Terms Of Use before purchasing scripts. Unless you have a different licence agreement signed by PhpCgiShop.Com your purchase of any item indicates your acceptance of this Terms Of Use.
Our guarantee Unathorized usage of PhpCgiShop.Com's property
- You can not, under any circumstances, give away or sell (resell) download URL's, logins and/or passwords you received from us.
- You are not allowed to use text, images or demo scripts from our site for any purpose without our written permission.
- You are not allowed to use trial scripts for any purpose other than testing it on your hosting account without our written permission.
Additional services that we offer Fraud preventing - fraud attempt consequences
- We do real IP address, time of access, number of accesses and other trackings on script download links.
- You are not allowed to resell items you don't have resell rights for, any such attempt will be reported.
- Any attempt to break the rules on this page will result in reporting to the appropriate law department in your country.
- Any attempt to cheat or make fraud or unauthorized order will be reported to appropriate instance in your country.
Few things to know before you make purchase Scripts licencing
- All single licence php scripts that can be bought on our site requires unlock key to become usable.
- All single licence php scripts are partly encrypted for security, copyright and theft protection purposes.
Scripts updates or upgrades Scripts updates or upgrades
- With every PHP script purchase, you are entitled to receive lifetime FREE update/upgrade for the script you purchased.
Bonus Package Scripts are tested and checked, what is included in one script package
- All scripts are tested and working on UNIX/Linux servers with usual features enabled and modules installed.
- All scripts are tested and working with at least Internet Explorer 5.0+ and Avant browser 10.0+.
- All scripts are double checked for viruses, trojans etc... with both Norton AntiVirus and NOD32.
- All scripts have installation instructions. Scripts are packed in either .rar or .zip file.
Script Installation Service Our responisibility and legal usage of scripts
- We are not responsible for any server - script incompatibility that may arise. This does not imply that the script does not work.
- We are not responsible for problems/damage that may occur by using items on our site.
- We are not responsible for any third party scripts installations that fails, nor we can offer any support for this kind of issues.
- You can use scripts purchased on our site for legal purposes only!We are not responsible in any way for scripts' misuse.
Script Support Service Technical support for sold scripts and non working scripts cases
- We do not offer free technical or how-to-do type of support for scripts. You can purchase script support service on our site.
- We do not offer support for scripts that are modified after purchase. Support is available only for original scripts purchased from us.
- We will accept for review "Script does not work" reports only if all original files we supplied are in use.
Payment Info Scripts delivery, other items delivery
- Delivery time guarantee is valid only if you supplied correct and complete info in form you will fill after the purchase.
- Single licence php script will be available for download right after the purchase from your account download area.
- Single licence php script download link will be active for 30 days from the time of purchase.
- Single licence php script unlock key will be delivered within 24 hours from the moment you executed script for the first time.
- Script installation or support delivery time is within 24 hours from the payment verification time.
- IMPORTANT: Note the difference between "payment time" and "payment verification time".
Scripts Delivery Money back
- Due to digital nature of the products that we sell, there is no money back guarantee except if the script really have a bug.
- Money back guarantee do not include any kind of script - server incompatibility (problems with server where script is installed). reserves the rights to change policies contained in this document at any time for any reason and without notice.

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