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 Image Hosting 3

Image Hosting 3
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Image Hosting 3  •  CODE: imeh0003
• Price: $19.00

With Installation (+$25): 
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Script will be (is) installed on domain: http://

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 *** Script Info ***
• Script Description: Free and paid image hosting script - run your own image hosting service web site - offer free image hosting and paid image hosting services. Our script have full set of advanced and specially developed features that makes running image hosting web site easy and pleasant job! Our image hosting script have really HUGE traffic generating as well as money earning potential. Admin can set many parameters that makes image hosting script top class script in image hosting scripts category. Script is powered with php and mysql for easy maintenance. Fast, reliable and very smooth image hosting php script.

- Admin Home: This page displays a quick link to and brief description of all the other pages.
- Images: Allows you to view and delete all uploaded images.
- Users: Search for, list, view, edit, add, upgrade or downgrade all registered members.
- Payments: List and view details of all account upgrade payments processed by the PayPal IPN script.
- Site Settings: Main control panel for site options - editing templates for email messages automatically sent
- Plan Details: Configure the different features for the free and the paid image hosting account types.
- Banners: Manage the banner ads that are rotated at the top and bottom of each page of the site.

- Images Admin: The images page lets you view a list of all images uploaded by your members. Each listing includes a thumbnail version of the image that displays the full image in a new window when clicked. The size of the image (in pixels and kilobytes) together with the format (jpeg, gif or png), the date it was uploaded and the member who uploaded it are also displayed next to each thumbnail. Clicking on the name of the member lists all the images uploaded by that member. A "View" link takes you to the member details page. You can filter the list of images using the search box. Images can be deleted in bulk by selecting the checkboxes next to the images to delete and clicking the "Delete Selected Images" button.
- Users Admin: The users admin page lets you manage all users who have signed up for your image hosting site. This page lists the following information about each user: username, name, email address, date joined (with I.P. address), the date they last logged in (with I.P. address), the number of images they have uploaded, their account status, and their account type. You can search for members by username, name and email, using * as a wildcard. You can also search by the date that the users last logged in, or the date that they joined, in addition to their account type and account status (unconfirmed email address, confirmed and suspended). Users can be listed in ascending or descending order of name, username, date joined, last login date, email address, account status, account type, and number of images uploaded. There are four bulk-edit options available.
- Payments Admin: The payments page lists all payments that have been made via PayPal for account upgrades that have been logged by the included PayPal Instant Payment Notification script. The following information is displayed for each payment: PayPal transaction id#, the payer's PayPal email address, their username, account email address, the date of the transaction and the amount. Full PayPal details of the transaction can be viewed in a pop-up window by clicking the transaction id#. The payments list can be filtered by username, user email address, PayPal email address, PayPal transaction id#, and date received, and can be displayed in ascending or descending order...
- Site Settings: This page is used to setup and configure most of your image hosting site's settings, and is divided into 7 sections: 119 Admin Settings includes the username and password you use to login to the admin area, your email address and a checkbox that can be used to turn on or off the ability for new members to sign up for an account. 2) General Site Settings include the name for your site, the full URL of your site and an option to temporarily disable all image uploads. 3) Image Settings lets you set the maximum width and height for the thumbnail images automatically generated when a user uploads an image, as well as specifiying the URLs and path to the folders on your servers where uploaded images and generated thumbnails are stored. 4) Image Branding options allow you to customize the branding watermark that can be added to images uploaded by your users. You can specify the text, size, color, background color and transparency, as well as set a minimum width and height for images that the branding will be added to. 5) Payment Settings lets you specify your PayPal email address, as well as the subject and message for the confirmation email which is automatically sent to them if PayPal Instant Payment Notification is turned on for your account. The message can contain certain "tags" which are replaced with the relevant values. See the settings page itself for a full list of these tags. 6) Email Images Settings lets you customize the email subject and message that is sent when a member e-mails links to their uploaded images to their friends from within their control panel. 7) Member Email Settings allows you to customize the email subject and message for emails sent to members when they sign up for a free account or request a password.
- Plan Details: The Plan Details page lets you specify the limits and featured for the free and paid account types that your member's can sign up for. In addition to setting the name for each type of account and the price for a paid account for 30 days, you can set the following options for each account type: total allowed images, maximum upload filesize, maximum image width and height (plus, automatically re-size oversized images, or reject them), as well as whether to automatically convert all uploads to jpegs (reducing your bandwidth usage) and the jpeg quality level to save them.
- Page Content Admin: The page content admin area lets you edit most of the text that appears on the pages of your images hosting site. You can select which bit of content to edit by selecting it from the drop down box and you will be able to edit the HTML content in the textarea.
- Banners Admin: Free and paid image hosting 3 PHP script contains code to rotate banner adverts at the top and bottom of every page of the site. You can add and edit these banners in the "Banners" section of the site admin area. To allow for the most flexibility in the type of banners displayed, you must enter the HTML to display the banner directly (this means that if you are displaying banners with your own images, you have to manually upload them to your site). This does mean that the banners displayed can be in any format (image, flash, or even plain text or HTML, like Google adsense). You can view banners; set them to active or inactive, and delete them in this section.
 • Demo Script: All Links Will Open In New Window, Many Buttons Are Disabled In Demo Script To Avoid Abuse!
    • MEMBER: CLICK HERE - login: test11 , pass: test11
    • ADMIN: CLICK HERE - login: admin , pass: admin
 • Last Update Info: July 2007. (improved mysql database - higher script speed)
 • Requirements: PHP4.2+, MySQL, Zlib module, cURL module, register_globals on
 • Tested And Works On: Linux/Apache servers; IE 6+, Avant 10+ and Firefox 1.0.0.+ browsers
 • Installation Service: Cost: $25; Can be purchased HERE (Standard installation)
 • Important: Please read this before ordering!

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