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 Proxy Checker 1

Proxy Checker 1
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Proxy Checker 1  •  CODE: pycr0001
• Price: $19.00

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 *** Script Info ***
• Script Description: Every computer connected to the Internet has a unique identifier called the "IP address". On many networks, the computer's IP address is always the same (static). On others, a random IP address (dynamic) is assigned each time the computer connects to the network. With dynamic addressing, the IP can change quite often. Most dial-up modem Internet providers are using dynamic addressing. When using an anonymous proxy, your real IP address remains hidden behind the proxy's address. With our proxy check PHP script you can collect these proxies! Proxy servers stand between your computer & other computers on the Internet: Your Computer<=>Proxy Server<=>Remote Internet computers. When your computer sends a request for a web page, it is first analyzed by the proxy server. Some servers include a large amount of disk space with stored web data. Imagine that you wish to get some data from a remote server that has limited bandwidth and is constantly overloaded. Instead of getting the data from this server you can get it from your proxy. There are also situations, when you have a very slow connection to a certain region of the world. In this case you only need to choose a proxy that has a good connection with you and with this region. This will speed up your connection! Another important function of a proxy is to provide Internet anonymity. In many cases your Internet activity is recorded at the sites you visit. There are also people who would like to exploit security holes in your computer. If they know your IP address it becomes easier for them to break in. In this regard, there are two kinds of proxies - those that give out information about you (non-anonymous), and those that replace it with their own info instead (anonymous). By using anonymous proxies you can protect your identity and hide your PC from hackers. Free public proxy servers around the world come in all flavors. Sometimes they respond very quickly to ping requests, but take a long time to return a result from your test page. Proxy check PHP script has a "timeout" option to limit the waiting time. Other proxies are "curious" and send ping requests to you. Use a firewall to automatically discard such requests. There is the case of "flipping" proxies, which are anonymous today, but may reveal your identity tomorrow. Some are very reliable, others go on and off very often. Frequent proxy verification is recommended. Proxies with firewalls will work fine in general, but will probably fail if the site you are visiting pops up a username/password box. It is wise to work with just a few good servers and keep looking for better.
 • Demo Script: All Links Will Open In New Window, Many Buttons Are Disabled In Demo Script To Avoid Abuse!
 • Last Update Info: January 2007.
 • Requirements: PHP4+, MySQL, Zlib module, cURL module, GD module, register_globals on
 • Tested And Works On: Linux/Apache servers; IE 6+, Avant 10+ and Firefox 1.5.0.+ browsers
 • Installation Service: Cost: $25; Can be purchased HERE (Standard installation)
 • Important: Please read this before ordering!

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