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 Text Ads 1

Text Ads 1
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Text Ads 1  •  CODE: ttas0001
• Price: $15.00

With Installation (+$25): 
Amount: 1  (Instant Download!)
Script will be (is) installed on domain: http://

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 *** Script Info ***
• Script Description: Text ads 1 is a classic text ad exchange PHP script designed for webmasters who need a fast, reliable, flexible and easy-to-use ad management software. Text ads 1 PHP script is a top ad serving solution. With Text ads 1 you can start serving and managing text ads in multiple zones on your website. Script is simple to implement; apart from being easy to setup... Install file comes with script so you dont have to dump mysql file manually. This is feature rich script that shows text ads thru easy to implement <iframe> feature. Script supports CPC (cost per click) ads and CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) ads respectively.
- Clients can set up as many text ads as they like
- Clients can log in to purchase or delete their ads
- Clients can purchase credits via integrated Paypal system
- Logout from advertiser area
- Clients can purchase CPM or CPC ads
- Clients can see how many impressions or clicks ads received
- Clients can see deposits history
- Clients can see current rates for CPM and CPC
- Feature rich administration control panel
- Set the cost for impressions and clicks
- Set paypal email address
- View, delete or edit clients info
- Edit config file thru admin area
- Set admin user and pass thru admin area
- Set amount of free cash when sign up for new clients
- Edit amount for any client
 • Demo Script: All Links Will Open In New Window, Many Buttons Are Disabled In Demo Script To Avoid Abuse!
    • HOME PAGE/MEMBER: CLICK HERE - login: test11 , pass: test11
    • ADMIN: CLICK HERE - login: admin , pass: admin
 • Last Update Info: March 2007.
 • Requirements: PHP4+, MySQL, Zlib module, cURL module
 • Tested And Works On: Linux/Apache servers; IE 6+, Avant 10+ and Firefox 1.5.0.+ browsers
 • Installation Service: Cost: $25; Can be purchased HERE (Standard installation)
 • Important: Please read this before ordering!

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