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 Link Back Checker 1

Link Back Checker 1
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Link Back Checker 1  •  CODE: lkbkcr00001
• Price: $19.00

With Installation (+$25): 
Amount: 1  (Instant Download!)
Script will be (is) installed on domain: http://

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 *** Script Info ***
• Script Description: The Link Back Checker php script is an unique and powerful link back checking solution php script. Link Back Checker is a PHP/MySQL powered script that handles link back checks easy and fast! This script is a real money maker! Every webmaster need linking partners, so that when search engines like google gives them a rating, it gives them a rating based on how many sites links back to their site and vice versa. What happens if one of your linking partners remove your link and you dont know about it? You giving them a free link to their site then! With the link bank checker script, you and/or your members get an email weekly letting them know who is and who isn't still linking to them. They of course pay you for this service. With the Link Back Checker script, your members can send all new link partners to your site to get the correct linking format you want them to use. Once they put your members link on their site, they can submit a form to that member and your member can verify the link has been placed and do a reciprocal link with that person. When a member first joins and logs in, they really can't do anything until they purchase links. Once they purchase links, then everything is available to them...
- Upgrade account to paid status
- View admin messages
- Check account status (free or gold)
- Run link check engine
- Add/edit/delete urls where links are placed
- Add/edit your website
- Edit profile
- Link code area (get link code)
- Purchase more links
- Linking tips
- Advertise with us area
- Edit all config files
- Edit the partner links
- Edit the css file thru admin
- View non paid members and paid members
- Add a members banner for rotation on pages
- View banner list
- Manually give paid members more links
- Disable paid membership
- View members links they have entered
- View members details
- Delete a paid membership
- Delete a member or edit one
- Run a cron job to send out weekly emails
 • Demo Script: All Links Will Open In New Window, Many Buttons Are Disabled In Demo Script To Avoid Abuse!
    • MEMBER: CLICK HERE - login: test11 , pass: test11
    • ADMIN: CLICK HERE - login: admin , pass: admin
 • Last Update Info: January 2008. (added)
 • Requirements: PHP4+, MySQL, Zlib module, cURL module, register_globals on, allow_url_fopen on
 • Tested And Works On: Linux/Apache servers; IE 6+, Avant 10+ and Firefox 1.5.0.+ browsers
 • Installation Service: Cost: $25; Can be purchased HERE (Standard installation)
 • Important: Please read this before ordering!

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