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 Traffic Exchange 10

Traffic Exchange 10
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Traffic Exchange 10  •  CODE: tcee0001
• Price: $25.00

With Installation (+$25): 
Amount: 1  (Instant Download!)
Script will be (is) installed on domain: http://

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 *** Script Info ***
• Script Description: Ultra-power traffic exchange php script system that can be either autosurf traffic exchange, semi autosurf traffic exchange (click "Next site" link) or full manual surf traffic exchange script (click one of four colour images) - only one type of exchange to be activated at a time! Script is feature rich and enabled with all features that a PRO traffic exchange script should have! The script has an advanced anti-cheat system that makes any kind of refresh or back button cheat attempt impossible. Script can generate you huge amount of free traffic you can use for your own traffic needs. or to sell traffic and make money! PayPal is integrated into the system, and E-Gold can be used as an option (not integrated - just present for manual handling). Run your own professional traffic exchange web site! This is a real gem!
 • Can be autosurf or semi autosurf or manual surf
 • Template based all main pages
 • Header.php and footer.php files for entire site
 • CSS based
 • Advanced cheat protection
 • Fully customizable script
 • Professionally programmed
 • Rock solid and stable php + mysql
 • Install.php file for automated mysql database dump
 • Up to 5 referral levels
 • 2 membership types + Individual membership option
 • Easy change surf counter size and color
 • And much more - check demo script please!
 • Login info reminder
 • Delete account option
 • Edit your password and email address
 • Pause account
 • Upgrade membership
 • Buy traffic (automated with PayPal)
 • Earning and hits cost info
 • Visited sites, hits total, credits left etc info...
 • View referrals and referral earnings
 • Add/delete/pause/unpause urls in rotation
 • Check deleted sites with statistics
 • Sum function to level out amount of credits
 • Report site that violates terms while surfing
 • Reporting site have last 10 surfed sites list
 • And much more - check demo script please!
 • Admin login protection with .htaccess
 • View script settings, create and edit memberships
 • Paypal payments: approve, add credits, delete, edit
 • Check traffic last: hour, 24 hours, 48 hours, all time
 • Delete traffic entries and optimize database
 • Script totals check and verify/delete previous totals
 • Send newsletter to all or idle members
 • Who is online last: 60 seconds, 60 minutes, 24 hours
 • Add/edit/delete banners for referring your site
 • Admin surf for checking sites in rotation
 • Detailed edit member and send personal newsletter
 • Test/edit/delete reported websites
 • Bandomains function
 • Full list of all added and deleted sites
 • Search sites by status and hits
 • Rotate leveler - all sites receive leveled hits
 • Block email or IP address accesses
 • Listing/editing of idle accounts
 • Search members by status/membership type/credits
 • And much, much more - check demo script please!
 • Demo Script: All Links Will Open In New Window, Many Buttons Are Disabled In Demo Script To Avoid Abuse!
    • MEMBER: CLICK HERE - login: 2 , pass: test11
    • TEST AUTOSURF: CLICK HERE - can be in use by someone else, please try in a few minutes or contact us for custom link
    • TEST SEMI-AUTOSURF: CLICK HERE - can be in use, please try in a few minutes or contact us for custom link
    • TEST MANUAL SURF: CLICK HERE - can be in use by someone else, please try in a few minutes or contact us for custom link
    • ADMIN: CLICK HERE -  login not required
 • Last Update Info: August 2008. (new!)
 • Requirements: PHP 4+, MySQL 3+, Zlib module, cURL module, register_globals on
 • Tested And Works On: Linux/Apache servers; PHP 4; Internet Explorer 6+, Safari 3+ and Firefox 1.5.0.+ browsers
 • Installation Service: Cost: $25; Can be purchased HERE (Standard installation)
 • Important: Please read this before ordering!

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